Adata SE800 waterproof external SSD

Adata has been a good external storage vendor in a market dominated by Samsung and WDC with its three brands SandDisk, G-Technology and WD. These two account for about 90 percent of the global external SSD market accounting to one source leaving only scraps to the smaller vendors.

Despite not being vertically integrated, the Taiwanese vendor seems to be happy with that though and its latest SSD, the SE800, builds on its previous model the SE730H, to deliver a storage product that on paper at least, promises to shake the market in a way not seen since the launch of the original Samsung T model.

Adata pitched the forerunner of the as the world’s most compact external SSD. It kept the same chassis which in turn kept prices lower, thanks to economies of scale and reduced R&D costs. At 72.7 x 44 x 12.2mm and with a weight of only 40g excluding the cable, it is smaller as compared to the Samsung T3 and T5 and is lighter as well. It is slightly thicker though, probably because it needs extra protection to earn its IP68 certification.

Like most of the Adata drives we have reviewed in the past (Adata SSD Ultimate SU800, the Adata SD700 External SSD and the Adata SV620H), this drive features 3D TLC technology likely to be the same as its sibling.

We tried to open the device but were unsuccessful in doing so; as a reminder, the previous model included a large Adata 121104747533A03 chip, a Nanya 1711 nt5cc128M-161pd1 128MB buffer memory and a VLI VL714-Q4 USB3.1 to SATA 6Gb/s bridge controller for Type-C connector. Most of them are likely to have been replaced by components compatible with higher data rates, so likely to be a USB3.2 to NVMe bridge controller.

Two applications  OStoGO and HDDtoGo are offered as downloads, the drive itself comes formatted as a bare exFAT formatted model the first one is an alternative solution to install an operating system without using an optical drive. The second one is more of a toolkit that offers no-trace browsing, file synchronisation, data compression and encryption and more. Both are nice to have rather than must have applications.

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